Leg 1 - Up Up and Away

Old Visitor Center to Main Group Campground

Starting from Elk Water townsite, this leg is run mainly on double track trails. Runners immediately begin a grueling climb to Horseshoe Canyon Viewpoint followed by the highest lookout point between the Rocky Mountains and Labrador, also known as the Head of the Mountain) Looking west, the views are spectacular, and one may see the Grassy Mountains of Montana. Runners continue west to the park boundary where they once again have an uphill grind which levels off as you approach Mystery Trail, a delightful time to enjoy the forest on this relatively flat part of the route.

Cut Off at 1pm (6 hours)

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Leg 2 - Coyote Coulee

Main Group Campground to N1 Junction

Runners entering this leg will encounter loose rocks and stunning rock formations. They will also be treated to a few nice flat areas which will be an opportunity to pick up the pace. Leg 2 is definately the most adventurous leg as it wanders in and out of valleys exploring nature trails. Runners may see an abandoned cabin on the opposite side of Battle Creek near the finish area.

Cut Off at 5pm (4 hours)

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Leg 3 - Double Trouble

N1 Junction to Fort Walsh

On this leg, runners are priviledged to explore 2 provincial parks (Alberta and Saskatchewan) as well as a National Historic Park (Fort Walsh). Most of this leg takes place in Saskatchewan Interprovincial Park allowing runners on the Trans Canada Trail, the Great West Trail, an Equestrian trail and the famous historical Battle Creek Trail in Fort Walsh National Park. Participants will enjoy the history of the hills on this leg.

Cut Off at 11pm (6 hours)

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Leg 4 - Cougar Range

Fort Walsh to Battle Creek Campground

On this leg, runners will be exiting historical Fort Walsh National Park via an old service road heading to the Saskatchewan Ranger Station. From there, racers can enjoy some amazing double and single track trails that expose exceptional nature. Panoramic views of the beautiful Cypress Hill valleys are worth a breather. The final stretch is a dirt road, but not to be fooled, it is not easy.

Cut Off at 4am (5 hours)

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Leg 5 - Ridge Runner

Battle Creek Campground to Rodeo Grounds

On this leg, runners will endure a variety of terrain which includes a creek crossing, some beautiful single track trails along 2 lakes, and perhaps some swampy areas (tie those laces well). Hilly, undulating terrain providing the greatest elevation gain and loss makes this the most difficult leg.

Cut Off at 9am (5 hours)

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Leg 6 - Triple Threat

Rodeo Grounds to Old Visitor Center (FINISH)

The name of this leg says it all. Runners will experience a punishing 20.43 kilometers of single track trails undulating throughout the fabulous Elk Water Hills as well as Hidden Valley Ski Resort. This may be the shortest leg, but challenging nevertheless. ENJOY!!!

Cut Off at 1pm (5 hours)

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